Astrological Yogas/astrological yoga combinations/Birth chart Yogas

Astrologically, yogas are planetary positions that lead to a certain result and affect the life of an individual. Yogas are the unique characteristic of Indian astrology. In traditional Indian ephemeris, known as Panchangam, yoga is also the name of a particular division of time, which are 27 in number. This time-division is different from the asterisms, which are also 27 in number.

There are literally thousands kinds of yogas and an astrologer must know them of by heart. The presence of yogas studied in a horoscope presents an astrologer with new aspects in horoscope interpretation. When horoscope is analyzed for the presence of yogas, quickly insight into the principle components of a horoscope is obtained.

Raja yoga: The lords of a Kendra and a trikona house are in conjunction, mutually aspected or in reception. This is a combination of good fortune (trikona house) and action (Kendra house), so take advantage of it. I would like to point out that Raj yoga could be formed by one planet, and also by two planets.

Adhi yoga: There must be art least two, but preferably more, benefics in the sixth, seventh and eighth house calculated from the Moon - leadership. In as much as the first house is the whole horoscope in short, a strong first house is of particular importance. It then follows that the consequence of Adhi yoga is a strong first house, which will therefore lead to positive results. Analogically an Adhi yoga calculated from the Moon, will also allow the Moon to function much better. The Moon is the most important planet in Indian astrology.

Amala yoga: A benefic Planet placed in the tenth house calculated from the ascendant or the Moon - philanthropic and benevolent attitude towards mankind, career in the social sector, if a malefic is placed in this position, it may be favourable for the owner of the horoscope

Ashubha Mala yoga: When all the benefics are placed in the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses - the benefics become powerless: misfortune, a difficult life.

Budhaditiya yoga: The Sun and Mercury are in conjunction and are placed in the first, seventh, fifth or eleventh house - an intellectual. J.W. Goethe had this combination in his horoscope.

Chandra Mangal yoga: The Moon and Mars in conjunction or opposition - riches (often caused by women), probably made by unscrupulous means. It can also cause problems with the mother.

Charussagara yoga: Planets placed in all the Kendra houses - good reputation and good fortune (better when it is formed by benefics).

Srik yoga: This occurs when only natural benefics placed in the Kendra houses - comfort, good luck, abundance.

Sarpa yoga: Only malefics are placed in the Kendra houses - misfortune, a difficult life.

Gaja Kesari yoga: The Moon and Jupiter are either conjunct, square or in opposition - good luck, intelligence, and high morals.

Shakata yoga: When the Moon is placed in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house, calculated from Jupiter - fluctuating fortunes. This is more or less the opposite of the Gaja Kesari yoga.

Maha Bhagya yoga: The ascendant, the Sun and The Moon are placed in uneven signs and he is born in the daytime - very fortunate. For a woman: The ascendant, the Sun and the Moon are placed in even signs, and she is born during the night - very fortunate.

Saraswati yoga: When Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are placed in Kendra houses, in a friendly sign, or even better, in the second house � writer, learned person, speaker, and intellectual.

Vasumathi yoga: Benefic Planets placed in upachaya (the third, sixth, tenth or eleventh houses) houses calculated from the Moon or the ascendant - riches.

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