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Birth Time Rectification Report

Birth Chart Report

Exact birth time is the foundation of any natal chart. Accurate prediction of an individual depends on accuracy of birth details. If birth details are not accurate than the prediction analysis is destined to be incorrect. In Indian Vedic astrology, each and exact second and moment of birth time is recorded for an accurate prediction and calculation. Even if the exact second is not recorded in the birth chart, the entire prediction goes wrong. The horoscope of the native is a unique portrait that clearly simulates the condition of the native’s personality, temperament, State of health, and longevity etc. The three components that are necessary to cast a true horoscope are - date, time and place of birth. Date and place of births are mostly found correct, but the same could not be said about the time of birth. There are many factors behind this. 

The prime and the most important step for finding the accuracy of the horoscope is to tally some important life events which could have brought positive or negative effects in an individual’s life as these events are helpful tools in the preparation of this report. 

This birth time rectification report is very helpful in finding out the exact time of an individual’s birth, which could be helpful in analyzing more accurate predictions for any astrological reports. 

The events that could help in rectifying the birth times are - 

1. Date of engagement /marriage 

2. Date of birth of children 

3. Major purchases/acquisition like real estate/cars 

4. Change of place or resident can also be an important life event 

5. Any significant event, which changes life 

6. First employment 

7. A financial wind falls 

8. Injury/accident/surgery 

9. Major illness 

10. Status of parents: Living or not 

11. Any accidents and occasions 

12. Big lottery wins 

13. Unexpected and happy meetings and so on... 

This service is also recommended for those people who are clueless about their birth time. 

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Birth Time Rectification Report


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