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Love Matchmaking

Love Matchmaking Horoscope

Are you curious about exploring your compatibility with someone else or are you just looking for insight into your relationship? If so, then you will most likely find one of your details in depth compatibility reports which will be very informative and helpful to you. 

Find out what fortune has in store for you and your mate. Both reports analyse the relationship between two persons which is calculated from the exact time and place of birth for maximum accuracy, receive answers to Burning Questions related to True Love, Romance, Friendship and Sex and Affection

Discover how to Deepen your relationships and become more receptive to one another. The accuracy and insight found in the reports will amaze you. 

This analysis portrays the Matches of two Horoscopes for better or worse. 

This compatibility chart is based on eight different aspects and on 36 points. Relationships can be between friends, lovers, prospective bride and groom, employer and employee, a father and son or business partners. 

This 10-page report uses ancient Vedic principles of compatibility analysis between two horoscopes and contains our final recommendations for each aspect of compatibility and their modern relevance. This includes mind, body and soul compatibility. 

Given below is exactly what you will get, with detailed explanations: 

Sun - Sun compatibility between the two charts 

Sun - Moon compatibility between the two charts 

Planetary influences on the 7th house (the House of spouse) including the analysis of effects of Mars on the marriage 

Eight-fold test of compatibility between the charts as per ancient Vedic astrological principles 

Conclusion and final astrological recommendations 

Love and Marriage prospects on a Point System of 36 Gunas

We Reveal: 
  1. Understanding and Adjusting Compatibility
  2. Sexual Compatibility
  3. Wealth and Luck
  4. Longivity of Attraction between the Couple
  5. Life of Each Spouse
  6. Growth of Family, Children, etc.
Get complete analysed data report from our panel of Vedic Astrologers. 

You can ask three more questions regarding Love, Affairs, Marriage Life. 
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Love Matchmaking Horoscope


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