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Mundane Astrology, also known as political astrology is the application of astrology to world affairs and events. Taking its name from the Latin word �Mundus�, meaning "the World", Mundane Astrology is a branch of Judicial Astrology and is widely understood by astrological historians to be the most ancient branch of astrology. In Middle Age, Mundane Astrology was more commonly recognized as the study of Revolutions - meaning the study of the revolutions of the planets in their evident orbits around the Earth, as they were then supposed to do.

Political Astrology has stemmed out from Mundane Astrology dealing with politics, the government, and the politicians/laws governing a particular nation, state, or city. A wider description of Mundane Astrology focuses also on natural and man-made disasters.

The study of Mundane Astrology has two major approaches. One focuses on national horoscopes. It is apprehended that certain countries have astrological charts (or horoscopes) just like an individual has. For example, the modern state of India is widely considered to have come into being at midnight on August 15, 1947. The other approach is the ancient practice of finding connections that exist between geological occurrences (such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.) and astronomical incidents (the movement of celestial bodies in the Solar System). This approach is based on the horoscope of the Astronomical placements at any provided time of any event, without referring to a national horoscope.

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