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Palmistry (Chiromancy, or Palm Reading) is the reading of the palms/hands, based on which an individual’s past is analyzed, present is defined and future is predicted. Palmistry is the study of the lines and signs of the hands. Individual’s palm is interpreted by reading the palm, hand type, finger type, thumb type, lifeline, headline, heart line, fate line and the mounts. Palm reading is a way to understand the shape of the hand and the lines of the palm, to interpret the individual character and life experiences. Indian Palmists believe that an individual is born with a fate in this world, and his fate is written in his hand. In the contrary, the Western Palmists believe that the lines on the hand are formed in some relation to thought patterns, nerve connections, or even chromosomal structures. In India, the focus is greatly on the past and future of an individual. 

Palmistry is an ancient art and has been practiced for 5000 years. The lines and signs of the palms have been used to study the character of an individual, as a psychological document. It was also analyzed to check for diseases at early stages. It is also practiced to read the fortune of a person. Almost all has a fascination for this art, the root of which lies in all the ancient civilizations of the world, especially Indian civilization. 

It is said a man’s fortune lies in his hand, it’s written there in the hand of an individual. Each individual has a unique hand…no two persons has same palm lines and mounts in this world. Even the right and left hand of the same individual are not similar and are read individually. Indian Palmistry can be extremely useful for find out one’s nature, aptitudes and hidden potential, marriage compatibility and related information, career information, and foretelling of any risk to life or health that might come in way. 

If the main lines in the palm changes it mean there would be major change in life. Sidelines too change and develop almost every moment but are believed to have less effect. The main lines which are read in Indian Palmistry include lines of father, mother, brother, sister, marriage, enemy, fame, vehicle, education, life, and many others. 

Altogether, Palmistry helps to know the hidden potential of an individual and guide them towards their goals. Palm line reading interprets the character, psyche and predicts future of an individual. Get your hand readings at our Astro Zone for more smooth and harmonious life. 

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