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Significance of horoscope matching, astrology matching, love compatibility India

  Significance of horoscope matching in Indian astrology  

Indian astrology is the study of planetary movements and their influence on human being, as well as the predictions for the future based on how other astrological phenomena might influence the horoscopes matching. The matching of horoscopes chart is also a important part of Indian astrology and is necessary to make lives more successful after marriage. The use of Indian astrology in horoscope matching is considered an art to lead successful life. Indian astrology can indeed predict certain variables or emotions that one needs to deal with in the future.

Horoscope Matching is done for two people or more, in which different people make agreements to live together for lifetime or to start any new venture to get utmost best results .But normally horoscope matching is done before marriage. So, Marriage is the most sacred event; hence every possible care is taken before getting into marriage vows. It the unanimous desire to have a happy and prosperous married life. Horoscope matchmaking is must before marriage to have a better and successful married life. Matching of horoscopes plays pivotal role while deciding for a perfect and successful life partner. The matchmaking of horoscope reading decides clear concepts about one�s married life such as ups and downs, amount of love between couple, mutual understandings with each Partner, sexual compatibility etc. Marriage is a bonding between two different natured persons and hence to make the relationship long lasting and successful the compatibility between the two is must. Whether you are looking for a compatible life partner or looking for insight into your existing relationship, the Matching of horoscope is of excellent help.

Astrologers do analysis on true love romance, friendship, and sex and affection compatibility by matching horoscopes. In these entire horoscopes matching, the horoscopes of two persons whose compatibility is to be checked are matched for better or worse compatibility. This horoscope matching chart is based on eight different aspects and on 36 points. Relationships can be between friends, lovers, prospective bride and groom. Know if any problem is there, then what kind of problem could be occurred and what kind of solutions is needed for your harmony and prosperity.

If horoscopes are not matched properly then there can be unhappy in life and many problems can disturb drastically even divorce could happen. So Matching of horoscope (astrology) is very important for any marriage.

Each horoscope can be reduced to a matching index by the use of the following tools, the main tools employed for evaluating match ability being 1.Dasha points 2.Ashta koota points 3.Dasha Sandhis.They intrinsic merit of individual horoscopes and their ability to supplement and complement each other,say,in putra Bhava are Para matching factors.

Dosha Points: The genesis of dosha points tool can be traced to the declaration by the canonical texts that the 1st,2nd,4th,7th and 8th and the 12th houses in a horoscope are sensitive areas to the problem on hand. Consequently marriage manuals have enunciated that malefics in those areas should be counted as dosha points. It should not be forgotten that by malefics only functional malefics are meant here. And unless this principle is scrupulously observed, we shall find ourselves landing in hot waters. The manuals have graded the dosha points: those oriented from ascendant should have the value of one unit. Those from the Moon 3/4th and from Venus �, corresponding to the physical, psychological and functional planets of married life.

Kootas:It is common knowledge that Nakshatra or Moon plays the key role in all the koota tests, be they 8,10 or 20 in number. Here too the manuals declare that when the lords of the matching signs are the same, or friendly, four of the kootas; Rajju, Vedha, Gana and Rashi-can be jettisoned. It is frivolous to unilaterally reject horoscopes on the count of Middle rajju or more properly Madhyama Nadi in the face of contra-indications. Indeed the four Maha Nakshatras are totally immune to the feared evil results of any or all the koota violations, emphasizing the fact that when the minds unite, all hurdles in life can be overcome. The moon is aptly described as the seed of all life and it is but appropriate that he should be subject to all the empirical tests that the koota provide physical, psychological and functional. The effect of koota conformities are succinctly described thus, Dina-koota confers longevity and health,Gana koota brings happy events,Mahendra ensures luck through sons,stree deergha, all round prosperity,yoni koota mutual love,Rasi,growth of the family from the lords of rasis one scans good children,Vashya causes mutual attractions,Rajju long married life and Vedha seeks to avoid sorrow. These are traditional. Astrologers devise new connotations, Ana and yoni may be interpreted higher and lower natures for instance.Koota results are one sought to be quantified in terms of units known as gunas,using the general principles of prediction, with a minimum target prescribed for qualification, thus the enabling the astrologer to arrive at precise answers. The Guna scales differ with different regions, but that is immaterial for our purpose. A ready reckner of koota compatibility index has been devised.

Dasha Sandhai: The third tool is dash sandhi test. The entire expected life is spanned out in each case in terms of Vimshottary and the ending periods of each dasha in both are juxtaposed. This step presupposes an accurate casting of both horoscopes in question and striking the correct opening balance in terms of vimshottary period. In order to pass this test no two ends of dasha periods in either should fall within a year. The philosophy behind this test is the axiom that generally the end of a dasha is fraught with evil consequences and a couple can ill-afford to suffer simultaneously particularly when one remembers that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In horoscopes promising long life, dasha sandhi can only mean the building of the medical bill, nothing more. It is silly to reject the matching of horoscopes at first sight on this account. The foremost matching point of horoscopes is the attuning of minds, then come others like examination of kootas, orienting from the bride; and the last seeking guidance through omens. This three fold examination of horoscopes ensures the prosperity of the couple. This postulate provides for the imponderable and with such fine, accurate and thoughtful tools in our possession, it is tragic that difference of opinions should continue to plague us in this branch of all. Let us devise uni animo a universally acceptable formula for matching horoscopes to begin with.

There are some relevant factors when matching of two horoscopes is done by astrologer to ensure happy and prosperous married life. Longevity of would be life partners should be checked carefully by competent astrologer and if any kinds of differences are found there then there is no need to suggest native to go ahead for marriage. Both horoscopes should be matched carefully for Understanding and adjusting compatibility so as to test whether the mental adjustability is there or not. If boy is of short temper and the girl is also of the same nature, then this can result in strained relations and possible separation. The horoscopes of bride and bridegroom should show promise for the child birth. If both horoscopes are compatible to each other and show the growth of family, this can predict by expert astrologer after matching the both horoscopes. Health and longevity of both partners should be checked carefully by matching horoscopes. If any kind of fatal diseases are seen by astrologer then all possible remedies should be furnished accordingly.

Horoscope matching is done to ensure above parameters. So, Matching of horoscope is considered an integral part of horoscope readings to lead happy married life. Horoscope matching is essential in Indian Hindu culture and before fixing marriage in India. It is seen that despite of matching of horoscopes and maximum Ashta koota points(Guna Milans) the marriage fails. But we can assure that if Horoscope matching is done according to above said astrological parameters the chances of failure of marriages are no way.

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