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The use of Vedic mantras is a very important form to heal and overcome the planetary a malefic impact on the human being and it is especially recommended as a powerful astrological remedy, as well as spiritual practice and meditation technique. The Vedic mantra is a sound formula, a syllable, a word or a combination of words, that when repeated enough time with the right intonation, devotional feeling and concentration of the mind, has the capacity to change the vibrations on the astral body, neutralizing or changing the negative effects of the adverse point of planetary influences.

The Vedic mantras are sounds discovered or heard by the rishis on deep meditation states. No one can invent a mantra. The Vedic Rishis and astrologers understood the process of creation of the world in the form of sound viberations.Everything in the universe has a particular sound which can be heard in meditative states. Thought itself is nothing but sound, in a particular wave length. Each thought has not only a particular sound but also a corresponding shape, colour, size and weight. Sound and form go together. Besides each form or shape there is a sound vibration, a name and vice versa. The Sanskrit alphabet was made from the sound heard on the different chakras and Nadis (astral tubes), and that�s why the Vedic mantras are found in Sanskrit language. Vedic mantras are actually, what the Sanskrit language is made of. When the Vedic mantra is repeated correctly, it activates those Nadis and chakras.Repeating a Vedic mantra is therefore a way we can manipulate and change the vibratory level on our astral body and activate the Kundilini Shakti or spiritual transformational power. Each astrological planets also has a vibratory level and sound associated. All the actions and thoughts, the karmas that we have created on the past, even past likes, create a particular type of sound and colour pattern in our mind and astral body. That sound and colour pattern in our astral body is what attracts the life events. In what we think, we become. According to vibration of our astral body we will attract a material solution, a life experience related to the viberation.The position of the planets at the moment of birth and their continuous movements, transits and periods of influence(Dashas) affect our mind and astral body,triggering,amplying and releasing those past impressions of the karmas into an actual experience, which makes the different life situations manifest in different ways at different times.So,by repeating a vedic mantra we can invoke a high and positive level of astral energy that can neutralize the change negative patterns. Each astrological planet has one or more Vedic mantras which when repeated help to transform their negative effect into the positive one. It is like �healing� the effect of that astrological planet on our astral body. Each astrology planet has also a presiding deity, whose Vedic mantras can be used with the same or even better effect. Remember that the planets are nothing but the instruments of God to perform the law of Karmas. Even though the God is one, it can be invoked in different ways to help us overcome and liberate from the grip of the astrological planets. There is a highest category of vedic mantras called the �Moksha mantra� which are also called the names of God, and if repeated with sincere devotion and mental concentration, have the capacity to remove all karmic afflictions ,independently of which planet is the afflicting one. It is recommended to choose one Moksha mantra and focus on that one mantra for the whole life as the personal mantra, or Ishta Devata mantra. That Mantra can also be chosen by looking at the horoscope chart or birth chart. The best situation is to receive the mantra from an experienced or realized teacher or Guru, through a ceremony of, Diksha or initiation. In this way the right pronunciation and intonation is learnt, but the most important benefit of that is that the �Power� or Power of the Vedic Mantra can be transmitted from teacher to disciple through initiation. Its power and effects will be greater and faster in this way.

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