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While in Indian Vedic Astrology the entire Universe is considered to be moving and not fixed, the Western Astrology considers the Earth as the centre around which the Sun revolves.

Western astrology is geocentric and is most popular in Western countries. It originated in Mesopotamia during 2 BC, from where it spread to most part of the western world. After which many modification where done by the Greeks in the form of practice. It was only after the Ancient Greeks that the Sun's path was measured against the Earth and an exact solar calendar drawn. Practiced for thousands of years in Arabia and Europe, the foundation of Western Astrology is made upon a system, which reflects on the path of the sun through the heavens, as seen from planet Earth. It follows the constellation, which lay stretched on this path. This constellation is called Zodiacs or Sun Signs. In Western Astrology, the horoscope is prepared on the basis of the time of the birth of an individual.

In Western Astrology or sun sign astrology, only the location of the Sun is considered. The sun sign signifies the sign of the Zodiac that the Sun passed through at the time of the birth of an individual. The Sun passes through the zodiac, the belt of constellations on its journey across the sky. In modern Western astrology the signs of the zodiac are believed to represent twelve basic characteristics. The twelve signs are divided into four elements fire, earth, air and water.

Sun Signs or Zodiac Signs:

Zodiac signs, also called sun signs are determined by the date of birth of a person. Zodiac is made of 12 different sun signs, which are as follows:

Aries March 21- April 20
Taurus April 21 - May 21
Gemini May 22 - June 21
Cancer June 22 - July 22
Leo July 23 - August 21
Virgo August 22 - September 23
Libra September 24 - October 23
Scorpio October 24 - November 22
Sagittarius November 23 - December 24
Capricorn December 23 - January 20
Aquarius January 21 - February 19
Pisces February 19 - March 20

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