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Horary Astrology is based on Hora or Hour. Its principles are similar to the principles of Natal Astrology. Horary Astrology or Prasna Shastra in Sanskrit (Sanskrit Prasna, question) has been practiced in India for centuries. It is a branch of Vedic astrology, which is still widely used across the Indian subcontinent. Horary Astrology is a unique way of providing astrological predictions on any subject from event horoscope. It is based on a chart that deals with specific questions. To answer the questions, this ancient astrology doesn't require details like date, place and time of birth, it as an alternative answers the queries based on the time they were placed to the astrologer. On the basis of the queries laid down, a chart is formed. This chart shows the details like - what is going on at present, how could the future be affected, etc. It, therefore, provides solutions for dealing with critical situations. This helps one decide whether to continue with a particular course of action or not. Horary Astrology helps one to predict the longevity, health, success, failure, love, time of marriage, divorce, result of examination, job, gain by lottery or stock market, success in litigation & legacy etc. This is perfect for person who may not have his time of birth.

Horary uses 4 Basic Points - the Base Ascendant, the Rising Ascendent, Veedhi & Chatra. The zodiac is divided into segments based on the Rashi lord, Nakshatra lord and sub lord in this method of Astrology. So, there are 249 segments in the zodiac, and when a querent (the person who ask the question) comes with a question, they are asked pick a number between 1 and 249.

This determines the ascendant and the planets are placed in the chart for the time of query (disregarding the actual ascendant for the moment). So when a querent gives a number between 1 and 249, he/she is actually identifying a particular Sub Division, which is later, used to draw a horoscope. In this method Time of Query and Place of Query is important.

We have a panel of renowned astrologers, who give accurate answer of your questions to overcome any misfortune or take any decision. Without the use of your date of birth, time of birth & place of birth, we use Horary Astrology technique to give correct answers to your specific question, even those that cannot be answered through your horoscope.

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